A good lighting system enhances your theater room in a couple of ways. From a performance point of view, the system needs to provide light so that people can safely move around the room. You should also arrange the light sources so that they don't cast any glare or light on the image, which would wash out the picture.

The right atmosphere can really enhance your enjoyment of a movie. Uncontrolled ambient light can wash out colors on front projector systems. Insufficient ambient light can make viewing a movie in total darkness result in eyestrain. Properly placed accent lights can help draw the eye to certain features of your new home theater.

You can take advantage of new control systems to control your lighting system from your chair. When it's movie time, hit a single button to have the system kill the lights over the audience while dimming the wall sconces. This is sure to impress your friends. Beyond the performance issue, lighting provides an aesthetic benefit. The theater room should be an inviting, comfortable space, and a lighting system that sets the right mood is invaluable.

MAXSYSTEMS allows you to control all types of home theater lighting including:

  • Wall Sconces
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures
  • Accent Lighting
  • Aisle Lighting
  • Rope Lighting
  • Fiber Optic Ceiling Starfield Lighting

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