Phone Systems

A basic phone system includes:

  • A central telephone control processor
  • A single display tabletop phone
  • A doorbox card and a doorbox for the home's front entrance

Phone systems can expand to accommodate the residents' requirements and the home's size. A basic system accommodates 3 incoming lines and 8 telephone extensions but may be expanded to handle as many as 8 incoming lines and 24 phone extensions. This phone system will provide for management of multiple phone lines, and allow the homeowners to communicate from room to room. It will also communicate with and operate perimeter gates (electric door strikes are not included). Standard features include Caller ID, which is displayed on every phone's LCD display.

The homeowner may add phones they already own or may purchase additional system phones for use within the system. Once installed, the system will be operational. It is compatible with telephone company voice mail, multiple answering machines, or may be coupled with a dedicated voice mail system. The Voice Processing System will allow homeowners to benefit from many incoming mailboxes (one for each family member) and will allow different mailboxes to be answered differently, and different incoming lines to be answered differently.

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