The wiring scope consists of running wire from a central hub to each specified location throughout the home. We use the best quality cables: RG6 Coax Quad Shielded TV, Control, multi-strand oxygen-free copper Speaker, Category 5 Phone and Category 6 Data.

Cable TV / Satellite
All connections will be terminated in single gang outlets and coverplates and will be prepared for connection to local cable /satellite services. Some locations require one run of coax cable and one run of Cat 5 for pay-per-view, program schedule and other functions. Some locations require an additional run of coax for digital "Tivo" or satellite DVR devices. Due to constantly changing technology, new products and services, we include multiple coax wire runs to the roof to support HD satellite dish antenna, XM, other potential satellite radio and additional broadcast services.

All connections will be terminated in single gang outlets and coverplates and will be prepared for connection to telephone service. Our phone wiring plan provides for the inclusion of a dedicated phone system, which is available at additional cost. Phone systems provide extended features such as caller ID, voice mail, intercom and communication with gate access locations.

Computer Network / Data
Wiring will consist of Cat6 data grade cable to each specified location from a central hub. Computer network wiring is a wiring harness as part of the complete network system. Many network wires from many locations may be connected to the router. In this way, multiple users of the system can access Internet at the same time. See Data / Network section.

For wireless use of laptop computers throughout the home, it is necessary to strategically install "Wireless Access Points", which receive and transmit wireless signals to and from the laptop and the central hub/router. These access points themselves need to be wired to the central system. We will always inquire as to your wishes regarding this feature prior to executing a pre-wire contract.

Exterior CCTV Camera and Outdoor Speakers
We require conduit to be run (and trenching, if required) by others for all wiring to exterior surveillance cameras and speakers. For all home automation control wallmount and tabletop touchpanel locations, we include additional RG6 coax as required to enable camera viewing on the touchpanels.

Whole-House Control
In the interest of future-proofing, we run Cat5e wire along with Cresnet control wire for wallmount and tabletop whole-house control touchpanels.

Multi-Room Music and Local A/V Entertainment Systems
Due to long distances between amplifiers and remote speakers, we use heavy-gauge stranded copper wire to mitigate loss of sound quality and volume.

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