Home Theaters and Screening Rooms

Easily one of the most exciting things, in demand today, is a home theater. Today, more and more families are opting to share an experience they can all be excited about. It may be an Academy award movie or a sporting event; today's home theater is a totally cool and comfortable place. Themed lighting, theater seating, surround sound systems and digital projectors make the emotional and financial return on this investment sky high!

Dedicated theaters are defined as Audio Video systems which include casual or formal theater seating, a high-resolution projector and screen, and from 5 to 11 channels of audio. MAXSYSTEMS theaters and screening rooms can rival many local movie houses. Many of our designs are used int he entertainment industry as reference theaters in which business decisions are made. Theaters operate best in low light, so shade and light control is also an important feature.

Whether it's Cable or Satellite or BluRay disks, media servers or the multitude of Internet media available, there are no limits on this unique entertainment environment.

Theaters can also be adapted into multi-purpose rooms. Typically, these types of systems can be adapted for video gaming and multi-image displays.

Let us help you realize your own Home Theater!

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