Security Systems

We are proud to have a thirty-six year track record as security systems providers. The components we select for security systems have a provent rack record of reliability. These systems can include:

  • A GE Interlogix master control panel. This panel will be mounted discretely in a closet or appropriate equipment area. All wiring and connections will be concealed.
  • Complete perimeter coverage by installation of security contacts for window and door openings.
  • A digital communications package to provide for 24 hour monitoring of systems functions and signals.
  • Biometric devices such as fingerprint or retinal scan, upon request.
  • Multiple photoelectric smoke detectors to alert residents and transmit fire signals to central stations. The installed smoke detectors are for the benefit of the homeowners and will effect communication of emergency signals to the Central Station; they are independent of any smoke detectors which may be installed by the electrician to meet code requirements.
  • An interior backup system comprised of a passive infrared motion detector centrally located in the home.
  • An interior or exterior sounding device (bell/siren) to provide for local alarm conditions.
  • A self-charging backup power supply to continue all system functions in the event of a power failure.

Security may include Monitoring services - Closed Circuit Surveillance, remote access to your system, and any number of unique applications to suit your personal needs.

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