Access Control

Access Control

Today's electronic access management systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. Your home or business needs a security solution that can give you the control and information to run more efficiently. Access control security systems integrate a number of different components to develop the safest and most reliable security system. MAXSYSTEMS develops custom solutions for keeping your property safe and secure through integrating the latest security technologies.

Complete Customization
MAXSYSTEMS makes the extra effort to ensure every need is met in protecting your home or business. Whether the goal is to simply secure then entry doors to your home, or if a multi-level security approach is required, we will design the system that fulfills all of your needs. From key card access control systems, keypads to biometric control systems and readers, each having their own unique brand of security. We help our clients select a system that is user-friendly, functional and provides the best security and protection for your home, family, and business.

You're in Control
Access control systems offer control over accessibility into your home or business. Systems can be created to accommodate just your main entrance or to include multiple doors throughout your home or business. The use of access control readers allows you to monitor entry activities at specific locations inside your home or on your property.

Services We Offer
MAXSYSTEMS are experts in access control security systems. Our systems include:

  • Certified in-house technicians and support staff.
  • Dedicated service department with 24/7 technical support.
  • Complete building security systems with access control readers (ie. keypads, proximity or smart card readers, and biometrics), security ID badges, elevator control, visitor management systems and security systems integration

Installing an integrated access control system is often only a piece of the security puzzle. By starting with access control and then integrating closed circuit TV, intrusion/burglar detection, and fire alarm systems, we are a complete turnkey single solution provider. This integration allows for a single operating system with less overall training and simpler ease of use.

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