Our proven biometrics solutions extend your security capabilities beyond surveillance and monitoring, to provide a highly effective 'front-end' to your complete security solution. Biometric technology overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional ID and verification techniques such as keys, ID cards and passwords. Instead, the biometric solution uses finger, hand, and iris readers to verify the identity of authorized persons - positively and definitively - with virtually no chance of mis-identification.

Biometrics security systems rely on the complex and intricate patterns on the eye, finger, and hand which are unique to each individual. With a specialized video camera, a detailed close-up of the iris of each authorized person is captured into the system. The biometric software then makes a template or 'map' of each person's iris pattern, or print and stores it in the system.

To verify identity later, an individual simply 'looks into' a specialized iris camera located at a designated access point. The system compares the patterns in the individual's iris or prints against the templates stored in the system. If there's a match, access will be granted. The system involves no lasers, bright lights, or any hazardous technology at all. It's as safe to use as any video camera. And it's compliant with worldwide standards, including, CENELEC, (EN 60825-1) and ANSI RP-27.1-96

Compared to conventional techniques such as ID cards, keys, and passwords, biometric reader systems can be much less costly to administer and operate, and can easily accommodate larger numbers of personnel as your needs grow. And unlike ID cards and passwords, biometric reader are almost impossible to 'spoof' or to counterfeit.

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