Security & Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance systems can include a wide range of camera types, weatherized outdoor day/night cameras, pan-tilt-zoom, dome, discreet pinhole and others. Infrared cameras operate as color in daylight and black & white in low light environments. Typical locations are:

  • Drive Gates
  • Pedestrian Entrances
  • Garage
  • Outdoor Pool Area
  • Side Areas
  • Drive Court
  • Front Entrance
  • Outdoor Play Areas

Cameras can be viewed via Ethernet on computer (as programmed and with appropriate passcodes and IP addresses), via a dedicated small counter top Kitchen Monitor and/or Control System wall mounted touch panels. The system also includes a multi-channel DVR (digital video recorder) with built-in CD recorder for archiving.

Access Control

Today's electronic access management systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. Your home or business needs a security solution that can give you the control and information to run more efficiently. Access control security systems integrate a number of different components to develop the safest and most reliable security system. MAXSYSTEMS develops custom solutions for keeping your property safe and secure through integrating the latest security technologies.

Complete Customization

MAXSYSTEMS makes the extra effort to ensure every need is met in protecting your home or business. Whether the goal is to simply secure then entry doors to your home, or if a multi-level security approach is required, we will design the system that fulfills all of your needs. From key card access control systems, keypads to biometric control systems and readers, each having their own unique brand of security. We help our clients select a system that is user-friendly, functional and provides the best security and protection for your home, family, and business.

You're in Control

Access control systems offer control over accessibility into your home or business. Systems can be created to accommodate just your main entrance or to include multiple doors throughout your home or business. The use of access control readers allows you to monitor entry activities at specific locations inside your home or on your property.

Services We Offer

MAXSYSTEMS are experts in access control security systems. Our systems include:

  • Certified in-house technicians and support staff.

  • Dedicated service department with 24/7 technical support.

  • Complete building security systems with access control readers (ie. keypads, proximity or smart card readers, and biometrics), security ID badges, elevator control, visitor management systems and security systems integration.


Installing an integrated access control system is often only a piece of the security puzzle. By starting with access control and then integrating closed circuit TV, intrusion/burglar detection, and fire alarm systems, we are a complete turnkey single solution provider. This integration allows for a single operating system with less overall training and simpler ease of use.


Our proven biometrics solutions extend your security capabilities beyond surveillance and monitoring, to provide a highly effective 'front-end' to your complete security solution. Biometric technology overcomes many of the disadvantages of conventional ID and verification techniques such as keys, ID cards and passwords. Instead, the biometric solution uses finger, hand, and iris readers to verify the identity of authorized persons – positively and definitively – with virtually no chance of mis-identification.

Biometrics security systems rely on the complex and intricate patterns on the eye, finger, and hand which are unique to each individual. With a specialized video camera, a detailed close-up of the iris of each authorized person is captured into the system. The biometric software then makes a template or 'map' of each person's iris pattern, or print and stores it in the system. To verify identity later, an individual simply 'looks into' a specialized iris camera located at a designated access point. The system compares the patterns in the individual's iris or prints against the templates stored in the system. If there's a match, access will be granted.

The system involves no lasers, bright lights, or any hazardous technology at all. It's as safe to use as any video camera. And it's compliant with worldwide standards, including, CENELEC, (EN 60825-1) and ANSI RP-27.1-96Compared to conventional techniques such as ID cards, keys, and passwords, biometric reader systems can be much less costly to administer and operate, and can easily accommodate larger numbers of personnel as your needs grow. And unlike ID cards and passwords, biometric reader are almost impossible to 'spoof' or to counterfeit.

Entry & Access Systems

Entry/Access systems include special devices that can be remote controlled, protected by a numerical combination, or even operated using an intercom. Our custom entry systems are a fantastic alternative to traditional key locks so that you can provide an extra level of security to your home or business. If you own a business, an access control system like this one is a fantastic way to identify employees and allow them to enter without having to provide keys for everyone.

Making keys can be costly, and keys can also be lost or stolen, allowing unlimited people access. Protecting your home or business with electronic door entry systems avoids this completely, and keeps your location secure. One of the first things you'll have to decide is how the entry door lock itself will operate. Usually door entry systems feature magnetic locks or electronic blasts; how they are triggered and opened depends upon your personal preference.

One of the most common door lock systems features a digital touchpad. Usually they feature a door entry keypad, or other device, in which an access control card has to be swiped, and a combination given. Anybody without a correct ID card and combination will be refused by these card door entry systems.

Another option is through the use of a voice or video door phone intercom to control the door entry system. Video door entry systems like these are great for homes or businesses so that you can operate your door from anywhere in the building. By using the video intercom system you can confirm the identity of employees, friends, or delivery men, before they are allowed to enter. Also a video door intercom is s a helpful means to let someone into your building, without you having to go to the front door each and every time.

The final of the most common types of door entry systems, are remote operated door lock systems. Your entry door locks can be opened by using a garage door opener like device, or even remotely operated from within the building. Door lock entry systems are a convenient alternative to using keys, and can be operated by using a security access control mechanism that you carry around in your pocket. They are great ways to keep your garage, or home locked, and are also convenient for you to quickly open and close, without the difficulty you may find using keys.

MAXSYSTEMS are experts in entry and access systems. Our systems include:

  • Entrance door security screening with intercom and video.
  • Front door screening security.
  • Flexible door entry security systems with multiple security functions.
  • Home entry access security.
  • Home entry security monitored and controlled by phone.
  • Lobby security screening sets for office and apartment building.
  • Multi-unit door intercom security systems.
  • Security faceplate door phones for the home.
  • Video entry security systems.
  • Video door entrance security systems.

Security Systems

We are proud to have a thirty-six year track record as security systems providers. The components we select for security systems have a proven rack record of reliability.

These systems can include: A GE Interlogix master control panel. This panel will be mounted discretely in a closet or appropriate equipment area. All wiring and connections will be concealed. Complete perimeter coverage by installation of security contacts for window and door openings. A digital communications package to provide for 24 hour monitoring of systems functions and signals. Biometric devices such as fingerprint or retinal scan, upon request. Multiple photoelectric smoke detectors to alert residents and transmit fire signals to central stations. The installed smoke detectors are for the benefit of the homeowners and will effect communication of emergency signals to the Central Station; they are independent of any smoke detectors which may be installed by the electrician to meet code requirements. An interior backup system comprised of a passive infrared motion detector centrally located in the home. An interior or exterior sounding device (bell/siren) to provide for local alarm conditions. A self-charging backup power supply to continue all system functions in the event of a power failure. Security may include monitoring services – closed circuit surveillance, remote access to your system, and any number of unique applications to suit your personal needs.